We design some of the largest screening systems in North America, as well as basic systems. We can design systems to minimize costs, handling and/or waste. By combining different screen styles, shredders, mills, conveyers and other equipment, we can meet your needs.

American screening

For American screening, the soil, mulch and/or compost is brought to a hopper and made into a piles of different size aggregates, such as 0-1/16, 0-3/8, 0-1/2, 0-1, and 1 +. A loader takes the product from each pile and carries it to the next step in the process, such as bulk loading, mixing or bagging.

Canadian screening

Canadian screening systems are very productive and can operate 24 hours a day. The systems are designed to minimize the manipulation of soil by loaders. The processed products are sized, shredded, remixed and sent directly to mixing by conveyor systems.

Screening equipment


Star screen

Pin auger