From small compact mix lines for the retail market to large complex mix lines for the professional market, we can design the optimum solution for you. Cube Machinery has designed & built some of the largest mixing &blending line in North America. We can design state-of-the-art lines for high quality and high productivity needs, or a more compact version for the retail market.

Canadian Mixing

Canadian mixers usually aim for maximum efficiency. They bring together the screening, the mix line hoppers and the packaging system. We have designed some of the largest production lines in North America.

American Mixing

American style mixing requires hoppers that can handle the widest range of products. In these lines, all hoppers are usually filled with loaders. Our computerized line can also handle a wide range of additives.

The computerized system can also be built with sensors and monitors to ensure the highest quality production with every batch, even at the highest production level.